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oh, hi there

For someone who spent a decade as a journalist and is currently still working as a communications professional, I'm pretty terrible when it comes to writing about myself. (What do people normally write here??)

Me, I'm a design junkie.

A wanderer.

A lover of elaborate gift-wrap and other fleeting pleasures. 

But storytelling has always had my heart, I feel like if I've made it to the end of the day without hearing one really great story, I haven't been listening to the people around me or paying enough attention to my surroundings.

Somewhere, in the intersection of all those things, is what I look for before ever pressing a shutter button. I'm drawn to images that are artful and curious. Scenes that elicit emotion and ones that let subjects speak for themselves.

So I couldn't really tell you what my "style" is. I like to consider everything in front of my lens with the sense of individuality it deserves and will never have one of those wonderfully consistent Instagram feeds! But I suppose you could say I'm always looking for my photos to feel the same - I'd much prefer that to be my calling card.

Have a look around and reach out anytime if you're interested in connecting.


Avril Sequeira Photography
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